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Use sponsored posts to gain new followers quickly

You don’t need a big budget to promote your posts on Instagram; it’s all about targeting: age range, location, and interests. Again, it’s better to reach just a few people who care about your project than millions who aren’t interested.

I prefer the square format for our sponsored posts (1080x1080px), but you can get quite inventive here as the photo doesn’t necessarily have to fill the whole space. People must quickly and easily understand who you are and why you speak to them.

The same principle applies to the sponsored stories – only as a video. In 3 seconds, you have to catch the attention of your viewers, and how you do that is up to you.

With a small budget of just €2 per day, you can make your stories accessible to many potential followers! The main thing you should focus on here is the format of the story because that is the most efficient way for small budgets, while thanks to the statistics, precise targeting is also possible.

Try to create original content that will set you apart from other musicians. For example: Conduct an interactive sponsored poll “Have you heard the last album by…?

You can also get inspiration by checking out ads from other artists in the Facebook Ads Library.

Make sure your Instagram description is exciting and engaging

Storytelling works particularly well with Instagram musician & artist accounts. Pay attention to the first sentence of every Instagram post, and don’t forget to add „link in my bio.”

Here is the Instagram line break tool, which you can use to create line-breaking text on Instagram.

Use numerous and varied hashtags for musicians.

Your bio is just as important as your posts. Think about hashtags, and use viral and targeted hashtags for musicians and bands. At least eight hashtags per Instagram post is a good average.

You can find hashtag ideas or search for suitable hashtags for your musician brand on this website: Tags Finder – Hashtag Generator.

When and how often to post on Instagram?

Many Instagram musician guides will tell you that you need to post at least once daily to build a following. That’s only sometimes true. Yes, Instagram’s algorithm rewards frequency and consistency. But you need to post quality content and only post to meet a certain quota to see the growth you want.

That being said, consistency is essential. Figure out what you can realistically handle and stick to it.

The best times to post on Instagram are between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. and between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Share Instagram Stories and be open with your followers.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, all you have to do is create stories from your everyday life, or at least your life as a musician. Here the tone can be more accessible and direct, and you can interact with your followers. Surveys, open questions, etc., are suitable for this. There are no rules for Instagram Stories; here, you can experiment to find an appropriate font, gifs, and themes: music samples, your private life, etc. Again, stay true to yourself.

For example, consider filming parts of concerts you go to and tagging artists for reposts to create a network beyond your project.

Highlighting of Instagram Stories on your profile

This feature lets you highlight moments from your stories and group them by topic on your Instagram profile. You can create visuals for each case, share positive feedback, or show behind-the-scenes insights.

General Guidelines for Instagram Stories

Tag as much as you can: Tag/tag as many accounts as you can in your stories to show that you are present and interested in new followers. This works exceptionally well if the marked version is very influential! And don’t hesitate to subscribe to the funds you’ve tagged as well.

You can use the link in my bio link to promote a project within your posts. In Instagram Stories, you can create direct links from up to 10,000 followers!

Add a background track: Business accounts on Instagram have recently been able to add songs to their story posts via Spotify. This is a perfect way to boost your streams!

Post long videos to your Instagram feed + IGTV.

IGTV: Instagram has been pushing this feature lately to compete with YouTube. For you as a musician, this means another chance for your videos to be easily viewed worldwide. The IGTV videos will be displayed as suggestions according to users’ interests. This feature has great potential, especially for musicians, to gain new followers.

Make time (as mentioned above) for hashtags to increase your visibility and categorize your IGTV videos well.

Interact with your followers.

Reply to ALL comments and DMs

It can seem tedious to respond to every single comment you receive on Instagram. Building more engagement around your posts is the simplest thing you can do.

Think about it – once you reply to your fans, it opens up an opportunity for a conversation, which will lead to even more comments under your posts. Also, fans who feel like you care about what they have to say are more likely to take the time to comment on future posts. It may seem trite, but responding to comments and DMs can help your fans invest more in your career and turn them into superfans.

Reply to comments, and remember to tag the respective account! Also, start contests, ask questions, and do polls in your stories.

Use other applications

Now that you’ve mastered Instagram, it’s time to take it one step further. Here are some useful apps to take your photo and video posts on Instagram to the next level.

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