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Why a like on Facebook is worthless

Most businesses that have a page on Facebook aim to increase their fan base or „likes ” . Indeed, the majority think that the more “likes” there are on their page, the better. The truth is that a „like” on Facebook isn’t worth anything these days. ” What? What is she saying? you will tell me. It’s very unfortunate, but a large part of the companies increase their number of “likes” on Facebook, but get absolutely nothing from it.

I will explain to you in a little more detail, in this article, why it is no longer worth anything.

As I mentioned, a „like” doesn’t equal leads or even sales, it’s only a like if you don’t do anything with it. So, let’s try to better understand why a „like” is not synonymous with a lead.

A like is not…

a lead

When someone likes your page, have they provided you with multiple pieces of information like they would in a contact form? The answer is no. Did she give you her email address? The answer is still no. This didn’t give you anything at all. So, you have to be very careful, because a „like” could have no value, if you are not able to bring this fan to take any action whatsoever to engage him on your Facebook page with your content or bring it to your website where you will have several opportunities to turn it into a lead.

A sign of your page’s success

A like is also not a sign of your page’s success. Indeed, having 8,000 fans is all well and good, but if out of this 8,000, only 1,000 are interesting prospects, it is much less significant as a figure. So that would mean that 7,000 fans don’t take action, have no interests, aren’t engaged, and are therefore ghosts on your page, if you can put it that way. The only action they might take is to unlike your page when they clean up the pages they liked. In addition, you should know that two years ago, Facebook warned us that the organic reach of a page’s publications would be only 16% of fans, which is very low. Out of our 8,000 fans, that would be only 1,280 fans. It is even to be expected that one day, the organic reach will reach 0%. Year after year, the percentage will only go down until it is 0%. So what will your “likes” be for then if you are not doing any paid advertising?


A sign that you will generate leads

A „like” is not a lead, but it is not a sure sign that you will generate either. Indeed, if you are not active on Facebook and you think that everything will be done alone, you are wrong. You must be able to engage your fans by being active on this social platform. You need to share engaging and relevant content, you need to constantly optimize your Facebook page, and you need to use Facebook’s advertising tool to push drive-to-web content to your fans and non-fans alike. either by using “Facebook Ads” or by making a “sponsored post”.

So what is a like?

A token of appreciation

A „like”, the English translation of the word „I like”, is a mark of appreciation of your company, your brand or your service or product offer. Someone might like your page because they think your products or services might be the solution to their problem. This person is therefore not yet certain that you are made for them, but they like your page to keep you in mind and to be able to see your publications appear on their news feed or at least to consult your page more easily by following.

Token of appreciation

Targeting permission

A „like” is also a permission that your community gives you to be targeted by your various advertisements, whether it is a ” Facebook Ads ” or a „sponsored post”, but also to see your publications appear in their thread. 'news.

If you don’t want a „like” to be a simple „like”, share „drive-to-web” content so that your fans take concrete actions once on your website or share entertaining and educational to get your fans engaged. What do I mean by concrete actions? Fill out a contact form, blog subscription, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.

The first step to lead generation

A “like” can also be the first step towards generating leads . Indeed, when a person likes your page, it gives you the chance to build a relationship of trust with them. So don’t disappoint her. You have to show him what value your business can bring him. To do this, you have to be able to engage them with relevant and quality content, and offer unparalleled customer service. Be aware that even if they are not yet customers, you must show them that this page is created for them and that it is used exclusively to meet their needs. So you have to ask questions and listen to them.

A potential ambassador

Did you know that someone who likes your page could become your brand ambassador if they are engaged enough? How could that be possible? Well! If a person who „likes” your page is engaged, they could become an interesting prospect and then a customer. Once you become a customer, if you continue to engage this person by interacting with them in the right way following their purchase, they could become your brand ambassador since they will have had a customer experience worth sharing. You will certainly agree with me if I tell you that the best way to convince your Facebook fans that you are the company for them is to use your ambassadors. Indeed, since they will be sufficiently committed,

In short, what is important to understand is that it is fine to have several „likes” on your Facebook page, but if you do nothing to ensure that those who like your page are engaged or that they eventually transform into „leads” whether for information purposes (newsletter, blog subscription), for marketing purposes (relevant offers) or for sales purposes (sales of products or services), this does not has no value. So, do you understand a little better the title of my article, which is: “Why a like on Facebook is no longer worth anything? “A strategy of acquiring “likes” is useless if we are not able to engage or convert these new fans. Think carefully about your strategy and your objectives the next time you think about doing a contest, for example!

For your part, do you agree that a „like” on Facebook is worth nothing these days? Have your say in the comments section below!

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